Just imagine the trauma of war. Imagine children without their fathers, wives without their husbands, orphans left utterly alone, and multitudes without their homes and land.

Our current goal is to meet their needs, help them find their way in this new reality and, most importantly, share the hope Jesus gives.
All the funds received at this time are directed towards this mission.

News update

    • Our team is growing
    • Our team is growing
    • Our team is growing
    Our team is growing

    Rejoice with us! We have two more team members – a bus driver, Sergey and his wife, Elena. Together with Sergei, we evacuated another group of 23 refugees, and then Elena also joined us, and the two of them evacuated […][...]

    • Rejoice with us!
    • Rejoice with us!
    Rejoice with us!

    We were able to buy an eight-seat mini-bus. Praise the Lord! It will go to hot zones to distribute humanitarian aid and take people out of there. We also managed to load the bus with humanitarian aid – more than […][...]

    • Let’s help more people together!
    Let’s help more people together!

    Since the beginning of the war we have helped over 2000 people with food and medicine. Thanks to YOU for making it possible! Let’s help more people together!  [...]

    • Another group safely reached Dusseldorf
    Another group safely reached Dusseldorf

    Even an old lady 89 years of age managed to get to safety! We are so happy to serve these people! Thank you for this opportunity![...]

    • Adoption information
    Adoption information

    We receive a lot of questions regarding adoption. We managed to gather some in formation and made this video. We hope it will help you at this time. As soon as we know more, we will let you know.[...]

    • Our new team member
    Our new team member

    One brave man has joined our team with willingness and ability to go into occupied territory, bring in food and basic supplies and take people out. Please pray for his safety on the road and at checkpoints as there is […][...]

How you can help?

For Zelle/Bank transfer details or with any questions you might have, please e-mail us at orphansinu@gmail.com

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