This does not happen – Так не бывает

  • This does not happen – Так не бывает

This does not happen – Так не бывает

Have you ever said these words while witnessing God’s miracles?
Lately for us it feels like a dream.
The thing is that this past fall the House of Hope was left without financial support. It was a very hard time when we were learning to trust the Lord and we saw His care in everything.

Groceries, household necessities-all of that was coming to us when we needed it. God was opening the hearts of our friends from different countries, those from Odessa, and the CEOs of different companies to help the House of Hope.
This last month something wonderful is happening-we started to build a three-floor addition to the house. We are laying the foundation right now. It is a huge miracle for us as well as big challenge.

Great thanks to everyone who is helping! We could have never done this without YOUR help and support. Thank you for every penny invested into the House of Hope’ THANK YOU!

P.S. We have 12 kids now and some more to come soon! Praise God!


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