New volunteers joined the “House of Hope” team

  • New volunteers joined the “House of Hope” team

New volunteers joined the “House of Hope” team

Two men from Western Ukraine came to help the “House of Hope” to take even more pupils.

The work of the “House of Hope” team is always richly rewarded with deep joy and satisfaction from being involved in what the Lord does. And yet, people are like pottery vessels. There is a lot to do, there are so many children who are to be saved, but the strength and resources of the team are very limited.

Therefore, when two guys-builders Mikhail and Pavel came to the “House of Hope”, the ministers were so glad – here every hand counts.

The brothers came to help in the construction – the construction of new areas. The number of places in the “House of Hope”, unfortunately, is limited, so Bishop Vitali Maksimyuk is doing everything possible to expand the living space of the House and take on new children.

It is a joy to see such fire and zeal in the hearts of young guys – they decided to help the “House of Hope” for free! “Pastor Vitaly, we will be with you until we build everything that God told you, until the vision given to you by the Lord is complete!” – with such a dedication in the hearts of men you can really move mountains.

We sincerely thank our volunteers Paul and Michael for their self denying help and participation in the work of God!

And also we invite each of you to join this


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